Massage Aides

What are Massage Aides?

Massage aides can be used to help reduce the strain on the hands when massaging yourself or someone else. Some designs can simply give a gentle and relaxing massage, at Serenity, we have a select range of massage aids (tools) that we use in our clinic.

What Massage Aides Do We Have?

Tennis Ball

Perfect to work out small spastic areas. E.g. a common tennis ball area is the bottom of the foot working the plantar fascia.

Index Knobber II

The Original Index Knobber II massage tool is a simple device designed to let you apply deep pressure to muscles within easy reach of your hand. It the ideal instrument for clinic or home use allowing for firm, sustained pressure on targeted muscle.

Jacknobber II

The knobs of the four legs of the Jacknobber II massage tool can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to myofascial trigger points and areas of muscle tension. Use one knob at a time to press deeply into taut bands with embedded trigger points; use two knobs at a time on either side of the spine.


The Thumbby Soft Massage Cone feels like a thumb. With a resistance just slightly softer than a thumb use in a clinical setting or at home for self-care.

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